From unstructured to unstoppable

Delegate the routine to AI, and turn your attention to the stuff that matters.
Deck parsing

Structuring your ToFu

Deckmatch sequences the DNA of every startup in your top of funnel (ToFu), evaluates the alignment potential, and structures the output into useful and actionable data.


Pinpointing: Stage, industry, vertical, problem, solution, market size, revenue model, founding team


Taking your preferences into account, we meticulously analyse the suitability of this opportunity for you.


We convert the parsed data into vector representations, which makes looking for competitors or complements a breeze.

Structured output

The deck is accessible in structured JSON format, via API to plug straight into your workflow.
Beyond the deck

Enriching the picture

We venture deeper into the digital tapestry, extracting essence from startup websites, LinkedIn profiles, and news pulses.

Company website

Key insights and unique selling propositions are often highlighted there. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the startup's mission and vision, allowing for a more holistic evaluation of potential fit within your portfolio.


Relevant data like company size, engagement metrics, and the founders' educational background and professional experience, help enrich the overall mosaic.

Competitive landscape

We tap into our proprietary vector database to map the competitive landscape around each startup. This process uncovers key competitors, their unique selling points, and potential market gaps.


Relevant news articles or mentions about a startup or its founders are surfaced. This gives you a better view of their public presence, market impact, and recent activities.
The magic

Sorting & matching

A Seamless Integration of categorical and quality Analysis, AI-generated memos, and syncing with your CRM.

Categorical fit

Our advanced AI technology dissects, analyzes, and categorizes data from each deck, ensuring that it aligns with your investment goals and portfolio composition.

Memo generation

We employ AI to automatically generate an initial draft of your investment memo, synthesizing crucial insights and core metrics extracted from the deck and web data.

Quality fit

Through our sophisticated AI, we compare your past deals, investment theses, and preferences with a vast array of data points to determine the quality fit of a potential deal.

CRM syncing

We connect with your current systems, and constantly sync the data. Leaving you free to focus on the meaningful work that moves the needle.