Delegate the routine. Conquer the essential.

VCs who turn to DeckMatch trust our AI to handle the operational load, while they focus on making a real impact and moving the needle. Here's a breakdown of why they choose us.

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Reclaiming headspace

Tooling to drink from the firehose

DeckMatch is your copilot in navigating the deal flow deluge, turning chaos into clarity.
Seamlessly ingest and manage high volume deal flow
Intelligent filtering to prioritise what truly matters
Autogenerated investment memo within minutes
With DeckMatch, sifting through the dealflow avalanche becomes possible, giving you time to concentrate on the gems within.
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From entropy to order

Structured data from any deck

DeckMatch transforms the jigsaw puzzle of unstructured data into a comprehensive and actionable portrait of potential investments.
Powerful algorithms parse and categorize complex datasets
Fetches enriching data from the web to complete the mosaic
Ensures consistency in data management across all deals
DeckMatch offers you the key to unlock the potential of your data, making it easily understandable and action-ready.
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Power law protection

Never miss a deal

DeckMatch's vigilant AI ensures no potential deal escapes your radar, keeping you updated and synchronized with your existing workflow via our cutting-edge API.
Intelligent tracking of deal flow progression
Comprehensive deal history, ensuring no information is lost
Real-time alerts integrated with your current systems
With DeckMatch, every opportunity gets its moment in the spotlight, seamlessly synced to your existing workflows.
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